Hey Trubies! Have you ever wondered what the characters are thinking as they kill, maul, or otherwise make life-altering choices? Of course! And without Sookie's telepathic powers, we're not privy to any of them. Well, HBO has a partial solution for us. They just released a series of short clips for Bill, Tara, and Jason in their last scenes of Season 3 where we get to hear their thoughts! How exciting!


The last we saw Bill, he was about to fight Queen Sophie-Anne, who is more than twice his age. We assume that he survived the fight...but who knows?! Check the video to see what he thought as he lunged at his former queen!


After traumatic relationships with Eggs and Franklin, Tara left Bon Temps after chopping off her hair. Good thing too, her new hair in Season 4 looks fierce! See what she's thinking as she leaves Merlotte's!


Don't think Jason has a thought in his gorgeous little head? He's definitely mulling over his decision to help Crystal in Hotshot as she's forcibly taken by Felton. Poor Jason's had a hard life too...

What do you think Trubies? Whose thoughts would you like to hear next? I vote for Eric and Pam!

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