Vampires True Blood Recap Ep 401 Shes Not There

Many fans, while excited by the return of sexy vampires Eric and Bill, were disappointed by the lack of Alcide in the premiere of Season 4. Not to worry Truebies, Alcide will be back in our hearts (and eyes) soon enough in Episode 3!


We've been buzzing about Sookie/Alcide/Eric for long enough, but here's a new tidbit from TV Guide that might surprise you. Apparently, Alcide will be "spoken" for when Sookie sees him for the first time in over a year. That's actually not very surprising considering it's been a long time since he's even heard from Sookie and he doesn't have the vamp spidey-senses to assure him that she wasn't dead. Could he have moved on for good? As long as it's not with Debbie Pelt!

Since Sookie's priorities will be to help Eric with his amnesia, it's safe to assume that Alcide and Sookie will go on another adventure. What do you think Trubies, can you wait another 2 weeks to see Alcide?

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