Well! Its back for a 6th season. Boy does it look GOOD. Season5 was a little confusing and disappointing in parts, although the last episode did lead on to a screamer of an opening for the 6th season of True Blood. Ladies and Gentlemen! We are BACK ON THE BALL. Nora, it seems will become a main player this season. Be interesting to see where they take this storyline, especially since it seems Waldo has something to do, with Lilith and the situation with the Stackhouses has sparked her curiousity. Speaking of Waldo, Jason's ride in EP1, claimed to be He. Either its me or blowing his head off  scared me. Then again, thats what I get for watching it at 10.30 at night, right before bed. Did the ghosts of Jason and Sookies parents seemed shocked? not just by his 'racist' comment or by the fact they knew who was driving the car?, another reason to watch I think. Kind of disappointed Luna had to die, although Sam as a surrogate Dad is some what appealing. The romance between Tara and Pam looks to be heating UP. Better watch that one too. How will jessica fare now Jason has abandoned her and Bill is...what ever he has become. Did everyone else freak out when Sookie chose Eric over Bill. Stabbing him was a blunder as he survivor. Hmm, wonder where that goes. I also noticed that characters like LaFayette, Terry and Arlene are taking a back seat for characters like Andy to shine. How's his babies growing as quick as they did? This has to be a funny storyline, I cant wait to see how he deals. One more thing to mention before I go, Alcide. Seems he has full. New pack to master, reconnected with his Father and has 2 bitches after him. Is it me or did Ricki look an awful lot like Olivia Wilde? If it is, I didn't know she had joined True Blood. For the for seeable future, I will admit I was wrong and maybe, just maybe True Blood has NOT jumped the shark, but only by passed it. After all it is only the beginning.

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