Interesting, how the writer have taken us down the path of bringing about not only one of the original Stackhoueses but Great Grandpa Niall and a KING no less. WOW! Who would have thought it? Sookie is a FAIRY PRINCESS. What do we really know about Grandpa Niall? really?. Other then what he tells us, can we be sure its real?. What is with this information overload mode he goes in to so frequentley? He seems to be in such a hurry to find and destroy Warlo and end the deal quick. What's the rush? what do you gotta get back for? Happy Hour? The jousting contest? Possum and Grits on the menu tonight is it? Would you be more worried that this vampire is trying to destroy your line then just staking him? What are you not telling us Niall? I am very curious now. You peaked my curiousity when you first appeared and more question just seem to be on the rise. I'm interested to see if possibly ben has a past with Niall or his family has crossed paths with the Stackhouses before. He appears quiet calm around them and was quick to offer his help, knowing who he was up against and despite Sookie telling him to back off and butt out. Interesting imes ahead for the folk of Bon Temps if I say so myself

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