As the 6th season comes to a close and we fare well the folks our favorite little sleepy town of Bon Temps for another year. As we do so, its hard not to wonder what has to come in the seventh series. We now know that creator Alan Ball has left the series and the slate has been wiped clean. That there, has me really wondering. With the Warlow storyline all neatley tied up. It was really interesting to see that he could have a softer side and did have REAL, GENUINE love for Sookie. Although to me, it seemed that the storyline was a little rushed. I honestly think it would have been better to take the story line over to series 7. Instead of staking him, send him back in to the portal he came out of. You could still wipe the slate clean and brought Warlow back in the next series. All in all, the 6th series was pretty damn good. It has taken an other step up. Though I was disappointed that, Terry was killed off. It does lead Arlene in a new direction. Though, I do get the feeling if you are not a star of the show, a series regular or recurring, your time in Bon Temps is VERY limited. At least , i can predict what i see could happen. Jason and Violet are making a life together, as is Jessica and James. Their lives seem stable. Bill has taken to being a best selling author and apparentley made peace with the good human folks of Bon Temps. Is he to be the new Nan Flanagan/Steve Newlin perhaps? Tara and Willa have been abandoned in a sense by their makers. Maybe they will form an alliance. Andy's still the authorities and with the new responsibilities of father hood to a teenage Adilyn and his for ever struggling with his love for Holly. I would love to see a meatier role for them. What about, cody and Lisa? their growing so fast. I would like to see more of Holly's two sons as well. Now, that Sam is Mayor, he has more of a face and new Daddy duties as Nicole has the bun in the oven. I would like to see that story go the distance and Nicole become a big part of Bon Temps. Alcide, the new love for Sookie. Interesting. I felt like they got Warlow out of the way to get Sookie and Alcide a chance to be together before she possibly ends up with her enduring Beau, Bill. As for Pam and Eric. I would like to see Pam get to Eric in time to save him. Burrow through the snow to safety before they both explode in to flames. The rumours swirl about Eric's demise. If this IS true, this is where I TRUELY believe they should have kept Warlow alive and have him step in as the Sookie-Bill-Eric love triangle was closed, he could have created the Sookie-Warlow-Bill love triangle. Would have been interesting to see. I would love to see what twist and turns are to come. Since there is a wave of Hep-V infected Vampires about to descend on the town, no one is safe. Sookie has refused to take the protection of vampire blood, with that, I wonder. It is 6 monthe  later, but could she know something, is she carrying Warlows off spring perhaps? All I can say is.............. BRING ON SERIES 7.

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