Hey guys,

I thought I'd start a little discussion on how old everyone thinks Warlow really is before we find out in the coming episodes.  Now I usually visit the TB wikia every day to check for updates on the character profiles. So I dropped by Warlow's profile and came to find out that his age has been changed from an estimated 5,500+ year old vampire to an 86,000 year old vampire.  That's a huge difference.  At first I thought someone was adding in their own guess, but it was ChrysieeBoo Lovely; an established member of the wikia.  Obviously someone who's edited over a thousand articles isn't going to mix a guess with something that has been confirmed.  So I decided to look up the interview[1] that was conducted with Rob Kazinsky regarding his role on True Blood.  And yes, Kazinsky confirmed that Warlow is 86,000-years-old.  However, I'm thinking he may have mispoke -- either that or the people conducting the interview made a mistake.  Earlier on in the same article (ET Television), Zakinsky said "...he's twice Russell's age, he's five times the age of Eric..." in regard to his character, Warlow.  With that said, Warlow could be anywhere between 5,500-6,000 years old.  On another article[2] (, Kazinsky said "Being able to play Warlow and actually have people talk about that and have people know that I'm this 6,000-year-old super-psychotic vampire; that's super-exciting."  86,000 years old seems a little farfetched if you ask me; not to mention that that would have put his birth around the time of the Neanderthals.  Let's not forget, that he can't be much older than Niall, who's apparently 5,500.  They were after all a part of the same village.  So in light of all of this, what do you guys think?  How old do you think Warlow really is?  How about Lilith?  I look forward to reading your replies.

- LilKing94 (talk) 07:46, July 12, 2013 (UTC)

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