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  • Macthekid

    Bilith v Warlow

    July 24, 2013 by Macthekid

    As the season 6 finale is nearing I thought I would come up with a scene which I feel would be a satisfying end to the current season. I have read somewhere that Warlow will take a turn towards his 'dark' side in this episode, specifically towards Sookie.

    Sookie refuses the deal she and Warlow agreed upon and Warlow gets mad and his 5500 year old patience wears thin. (they are still in fairy land at this stage) He bears his fangs and creates a light ball in his hand which turns red (to symbolise his dark vampiric side). Sookie quickly jumps back through the portal and back to the Bon Temps cemetery. She finds Eric standing there and Warlow appears through the portal and he and Eric both bare their fangs at each other. Eric protects Sookie a…

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  • Macthekid

    Who has been to the HBO store on 6th avenue which sells mainly true blood merchandise as well as game of thrones and boardwalk empire products?

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  • Macthekid

    Vampire fangs

    June 8, 2012 by Macthekid

    I don't know how much help this is but it is a video on how the fangs work (retract etc) I don't know how to do those GIF file formats but perhaps it would be good to create a GIF for the 2:37 mark to the 2:43 mark, and put this in the appearance section on the vampire page.

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  • Macthekid

    Season 5 is starting soon and who knows what new supernaturals will turn up (any guesses?), so what is your favourite supernatural and why? (different powers etc)

    what would you want to be?

    What supernaturals would you like to see in True blood (dragons anyone?)

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  • Macthekid

    Oldest supernatural

    June 3, 2012 by Macthekid

    any guesses on which supernatural creature came first, i'm going for Maenad.

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