As the season 6 finale is nearing I thought I would come up with a scene which I feel would be a satisfying end to the current season. I have read somewhere that Warlow will take a turn towards his 'dark' side in this episode, specifically towards Sookie.

Sookie refuses the deal she and Warlow agreed upon and Warlow gets mad and his 5500 year old patience wears thin. (they are still in fairy land at this stage) He bears his fangs and creates a light ball in his hand which turns red (to symbolise his dark vampiric side). Sookie quickly jumps back through the portal and back to the Bon Temps cemetery. She finds Eric standing there and Warlow appears through the portal and he and Eric both bare their fangs at each other. Eric protects Sookie and races towards Warlow in vamp speed but is quickly zapped away by Warlow's light (like what happened to Nora when Niall zapped her) Warlow say's to Sookie 'you're mine' (in the same way he said it in season 5 when he came through the portal). Just then Bill lands in front of Sookie and in classic season 1 fashion say's 'Sookie is mine'. Warlow gets angry and fires a red beam of light towards Bill (like the one that hit Russell in the season 5 finale) and knocks him back several feet, Bill quickly recovers and uses his mind control to push the beam of light back towards Warlow, which then goes back into his hand. Bill starts walking towards him and Warlow throws light bombs at Bill, who easily deflects them (like the ones the faeries used in the season 4 premiere). Bill and Warlow levitate and fly toward each other and engage in a short scrap. Bill grabs Warlow by the throat and 'stakes' him through the heart with his fist but before Bill can rip it out, Warlow has just enough strength to teleport back through the portal and disappears in a bright light before Bill who then falls back to the ground.

The next scene jumps to faery land and shows Warlow severely injured on his hands and knees, his light escaping out of his eyes, mouth etc. Suddenly multiple beams of light appear around him and as he looks up he sees queen Mab staring at him with Niall standing beside her. He tries to get away but is zapped by queen Mab and the other fae and they all transport him to another dimension.

The scene then goes back to Bill and Sookie. Sookie finds Eric nearby and helps him up...

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