BLACKBURN is Bill's sheriff. He was turned in 1958 in vancouver, Canada. Living in relative isolation with his family, he encountered a beautiful, starving woman one night in the woods who begged him for his blood. Blackburn consented but on the condition that she turn him. The vampire was true to her word. Blackburn moved to Louisiana with her and is the rare vampire who practices something akin to monogamy.

DUPREZ is from Haiti but moved to the south to live with his aunt in the 1920s. He dropped out of high school to pursue a career as a boxer, but after that fizzled, he found work as an aide to the sheriff of Area one. He was a good and eager assistant and when the time came, he was turned by a willing vampire. He was made sheriff of area two by Nan Flanagon in the 1940s, a post he's held for six decades.

'KIRSCH 'in World War one, Kirsch lost her husband to the American front line. Distraught and angry, she began running with the cabaret crowd of Berlin. Nights of debauchery, absinthe, and reckless behavior led her into the arms of Paul, an American expatriate vampire. He helped Kirsch get back on her feet, and they returned to the United States in the '40s, where Paul turned her. When Paul met with an unfortunate accident, Kirsch moved to Louisiana, where she was appointed sheriff in 1985.

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