Okay, I have a theory about Nora reading a passage from the Vampire Bible in episode 2 of seas

Sookie stackhouse as a vampire by giotavamp-d5cylyx

Sookie as a hybrid

on 6. 

She reads, in its entirety:

" --- And so it was, that the people led Lilith to the sun. And so it 

shall be again. As the blood ascends, two will become one. When Light and Dark collide, our salvation is at hand."

From this passage, I think it reads Sookie will become a vampire. Light obviously means faerie, and Dark means vampire. Two will become one. When Light and Dark collide, our salvation is at hand. I think this means Sookie will be turned because two will become one. Faerie and Vampire, existing in one body. She might even become more powerful than Bill, and keep all her awesome faerie powers, and due to her faerie blood, she will become a true daywalker. Just sharing, but if you have any thoughts, please share.

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