• Munro23

    There is one thing I am curious about; did Lilith have other progenies? It doesn't make much sense to me that Warlow could possibly be her only progeny, he hates Vampires and he hated his Maker enough to kill her (Which Godric did himself..) You'd think there'd be mention of other progenies, because I don't think Warlow would go about making other vampires considering his distaste for them.. so Vampires wouldn't really exist, Lilith being the original Vampire and all. It'd be interesting if there were other progenies, what if some still exist? Imagine a few, angry pissed 'Ancients' turning up to deal with Warlow for killing their maker.

    THOUGH. I'm probably the only person that wants this but I would just love a mini-series of 6 episodes re…

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