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    Here is my rant:

    As we saw in 7x03, how the Authority managed to cow Eric into place. With the Yakuza. Regular humans. Does that scream WTF to anyone else? Back in Season 3 we saw Eric intercept a fucking bullet and he couldn't take out 9 humans. I'm pretty sure that most of them were human since they were handling silver chains bare-handed.

    Now, I'm not a physics major or gun nut, so what I know about bullet velocities and speed is very, very basic at best. Bullet speeds are basically separated into two groups: subsonic and supersonic. Subsonic speeds are speeds below the speed of sound or 763 mph. Supersonic speeds are speeds greater than 763 mph. On average, must bullet speeds are in fact twice the speed of sound. Let's be safe and assume t…

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    Basically this blog is about things that I would like to see happen in season 7. Nothing about the main plot because I know the writers will most likely disappoint, but little things on the side. Minor things that I want taken care of or gone. So more of the focus can go to the main plot. Well here we go:

    1. Andy and his daughter: I think it's time for them to go. Andy has gone through a lot. He was a bigot, a drunk, a V-Addict, a responsible sherrif, and now a father. So his character has gone full circle. Risen above his faults. It's hard to think of what else could be done with his character other than protecting his daughter from vampires. And if Louisana has the most vampires of any other state . . . why would you want to have your half fa…

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    Did it bother anyone else that daywalking ability was erased with Warlow's death? Don't get me wrong, they needed to get rid of it otherwise the vampires would be too powerful. That's a no-brainer. The ability shouldn't have been permenant in the first place. Just longer lasting than normal Fae blood. So they needed to get rid of the ability but the way the writers did it was very crude.

    The writers used such a crude mechanism to get rid of the Daywalking ability. It made no sense that Warlow's death would nullify the effects of his blood. Here's why:

    1. When Eric drained Claudine, he was still able to walk in the sun for at least an hour before the effects started to wear off. Proving that a Fae's blood retains power for some time after death. …
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    Hi Truebies,

    Can't tell you how disappointed I was with last nights episode. Yes, I was expecting Nora to die, wished she didn't but expected. I think she could have had more storylines before croaking. She kind of disappeared for a few episodes just to show up and die? Only one flashback scene and without Godric to boot? Poor form. The writers of True Blood have been in poor form.

    But what disgusted me the most was the totally disregard to the shows continuity. I could have sworn it was said that Nora was over 500 years old and Eric even said that he had known her for almost 600 years. Then she was turned in 1665? 344 years is not almost 600, not even close. Yeah, all the vampires on the show tend to round a bit with their ages . . .  but ta…

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    I like the vampire age chart but the inconsistencies bother me. The young vampires only have their vampire ages and the older ones have their human ages included. Just so the chart is more equal I think the chart should either include human age in overall age, only have vampire age or a mix of both where the human age is in parenthesis. That would make it neater.

    Also since a lot of people change the vampire ages when they feel like it. Example being the Magister and Blackburn. People thought that they were over a thousand years old but later on the blu-ray specials it was revealed that they were a lot younger. If the blu-ray edits had a note in the trivia section or something like Luis Patino's page then it gives it a lot more credit. More…

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