Did it bother anyone else that daywalking ability was erased with Warlow's death? Don't get me wrong, they needed to get rid of it otherwise the vampires would be too powerful. That's a no-brainer. The ability shouldn't have been permenant in the first place. Just longer lasting than normal Fae blood. So they needed to get rid of the ability but the way the writers did it was very crude.

The writers used such a crude mechanism to get rid of the Daywalking ability. It made no sense that Warlow's death would nullify the effects of his blood. Here's why:

  1. When Eric drained Claudine, he was still able to walk in the sun for at least an hour before the effects started to wear off. Proving that a Fae's blood retains power for some time after death.
  2. When Lilith died, the progenitor of the entire vampire race, despite all vampires coming from her blood, no vampires were destroyed when she died. Proving with vampires that even if the source of the bloodline dies the descendants would still survive.
  3. Even a destroyed vampire's blood will still affect humans.

Nothing on Warlow's fae or vampire side suggest that his blood would not remain empowered after his death. 

The Daywalking had to go. Absolutely had to. But the writers choose a really dumb way to do it that makes no sense when you look at the properties of both species blood after they die.

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