Here is my rant:

As we saw in 7x03, how the Authority managed to cow Eric into place. With the Yakuza. Regular humans. Does that scream WTF to anyone else? Back in Season 3 we saw Eric intercept a fucking bullet and he couldn't take out 9 humans. I'm pretty sure that most of them were human since they were handling silver chains bare-handed.

Now, I'm not a physics major or gun nut, so what I know about bullet velocities and speed is very, very basic at best. Bullet speeds are basically separated into two groups: subsonic and supersonic. Subsonic speeds are speeds below the speed of sound or 763 mph. Supersonic speeds are speeds greater than 763 mph. On average, must bullet speeds are in fact twice the speed of sound. Let's be safe and assume that the bullet that Eric intercepted was a subsonic one. One of the lowest speeds for a bullet is around 400 mph give or take. Given that info, this is why it was complete bullshit that Eric would not be able to save both Pam and Sylvie.

Let's say that since Eric could perceive and intercept a bullet going around 400 mph, he can move around that speed. (Note: I most of the decimals are repeating numbers so I kept them short.) 400mph/60 = 6.67. So Eric should be able to cover 6.67 miles in a minute. 6.67/60 = .111. So in a single second Eric should be able to travel .111 miles. One mile is 5280 feet. So 5280 * .111 = 586.67 feet. In a single second Eric is able to move 586.67 feet.

Now the average human reaction time to visual stimuli is roughly .215 - .25 seconds. Or 215 - 250 milliseconds. A millisecond as most of you know is 1/1000th of a second. Considering Eric is a vampire and 1,000 years old, his reaction time should be way better than a humans. Especially since he can perceive a bullet and intercept it.

586.67 * .215 = 126.13. So in the time it takes for an average human to react to something they have seen, Eric could move roughly 126.13 feet. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but that seems like enough time/distance for Eric to kill all the human yakuzas. Or even if he was just focused on saving Pam and Sylvie it seemed like he could have done it.

I know that when we saw him intercept a bullet it was around 22 years after the events with the Yakuza, but I highly doubt his speed increased a significant amount in that timeframe.

This is one of the biggest reasons the writers piss me off. They put anything in the show no matter what. If they gave Eric the capability to move as fast or faster than a bullet than they better be aware of how fast a bullet is and what it entails for what Eric's or any other as old/older vampires speed capabilities. They are just so ignorant and lazy.

Obviously, I have put in way too much thought into this. Thanks for hearing my rant.

Amendment after seeing episode 7x05:

What the fuck True Blood? What the fuck. So a weakened Hep V infected Eric Northman can kill three Yakuza before they can even react shoot or stab him from a greater distance than when he was uninfected and "unable" to do anything? Seriously, fuck the writers for just making up whatever you need to suit the episodes plot. Those Yakuza were a greater distance away and he killed them easily in a weakened state. There might have been more of them back in 1986 but they were much closer to him.

I really hate "hate-watching" tv shows but I just can't help it. Especially in the case of True Blood. The writers and whoever manages the canon/mythology of the show just don't care. They really don't. I have noticed the downtread of activity in this wiki and the fucking writers are the reason why.

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