Hi Truebies,

I was wondering if anyone had any guesses on how strong newborn vampire's are? I've had a few theories and discounted others. Marvel comics vampires have their vampirs lifting 10-20 times their body weight. I don't think that True Blood vampires strength is like this because A) Fat vampires would start off the strongest, and B) there would be too much a difference in strength between male and female vampires and so far True Blood has stated the only difference is age.

Honestly, I think that all vampires have the same start off strength. Mainly because there would be a difference inbetween male and female vampires if becoming a vampire enhanced the strength they had as a human. Men do have more muscular density. So what is the start off level for strength?

I've put tentative guesses at somewhere between 2000-4000 pounds. I use the human body weight standard. Even newborn vampires are shown casually throwing humans around one handed. For me, holding roughly 10% of what I can lift in one hand, arm stretched out, is the most I can do easily. After that I'm a lot more strained to hold more weight one handed with my arm held straight out. Since average weight of a man is between 150 - 160 pounds, this theory holds out.

However, when Tara was first turned she kicked Lafayette roughly 20 feet. Most of that in the air. I don't know how much Layfayette weighs, but I guessing he is somewhere between 150 - 180 pounds. To be able to kick that much weight that far . . . strong. I don't know if anyone has tried this but has anyone tried to kick a 5 lb or higher medicine ball? I have and even if I used my full strength I doubt I would be able to send the ball 20 ft in the air. Rolling maybe. I would also hurt my foot like a bitch. And this was back when I had gym in High shool and was able to lift my body weight over my head. Roughly 165lbs. And Tara was able to kick a 150lb+ person further than I could kick a 5lb ball. Comparing Tara's strength to mind would indicate that she would be able to lift somewhere between 5000-6000 pounds.

So, still not sure how strong a newborn vampire is. I have my guesses. Anyone else have any ideas?

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