Hi Truebies,

Can't tell you how disappointed I was with last nights episode. Yes, I was expecting Nora to die, wished she didn't but expected. I think she could have had more storylines before croaking. She kind of disappeared for a few episodes just to show up and die? Only one flashback scene and without Godric to boot? Poor form. The writers of True Blood have been in poor form.

But what disgusted me the most was the totally disregard to the shows continuity. I could have sworn it was said that Nora was over 500 years old and Eric even said that he had known her for almost 600 years. Then she was turned in 1665? 344 years is not almost 600, not even close. Yeah, all the vampires on the show tend to round a bit with their ages . . .  but tacking on a couple of centuries is not rounding. I wouldn't care what age Nora was or any vampire as long as there was some consistency.

The flashback scene . . . . why didn't they get Godric? And Eric told Bill that Godric chose her based on her political genius. Not what it looked like to me. Based on that scene Eric could have just as easily turned her. In fact, Nora implied that Eric turned Pam and Willa because they reminded him of Nora. No consistency with the writers.

I get that they tried to create an emotional scene, and they did but I think it would have been better if Nora was actually shown more this season. To slowly get more of Eric's and Nora's centuries long history/relationship before killing her off would have made her end that much more memorable.

Honestly, I would have liked to see either more scenes with the Northman family. See some bonding. Also some more interactions with Nora and Sookie. Just because Nora picks up on how much Sookie means to Eric. I think Nora would have been really curious about the first human to gain Eric's interest in centuries.

True Blood writers thanks for turning me into a negative fan. It's getting towards the point that I watch only to hate on the show. Is consistency really that hard? Do you guys have to constantly change the facts just so you can make a plot for a single episode?

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