Basically this blog is about things that I would like to see happen in season 7. Nothing about the main plot because I know the writers will most likely disappoint, but little things on the side. Minor things that I want taken care of or gone. So more of the focus can go to the main plot. Well here we go:

  1. Andy and his daughter: I think it's time for them to go. Andy has gone through a lot. He was a bigot, a drunk, a V-Addict, a responsible sherrif, and now a father. So his character has gone full circle. Risen above his faults. It's hard to think of what else could be done with his character other than protecting his daughter from vampires. And if Louisana has the most vampires of any other state . . . why would you want to have your half fae daughter live there? Move to Wyoming where there is barely half a million people. Doubt there is a lot of vampires there. Or move to some remote place in the North were the sun shines 24/hr day for 6 months. That would keep his daughter safe. I think it would be a plausible reason for him to leave. It works and work well with his character. I think it could be done in the first half of the season. Because you first have to get some closure with Jessica. That would free up the storyline for the main characters and give more focus on the main storyline.
  2. Werewolves: I honestly don't want to see anymore storylines with the werewolves. Anything with Alcide will be ok, given his relationship with Sookie. They would just be a wasted storyline.
  3. Layfayette: Not sure what to do with him. Ever since becoming a medium there hasn't been much of a storyline for him. All he ends up doing is being possessed by ghosts. The writers need to come up with a decent storyline that shows off Lala's spunk or just reduce him to a supporting character with no direct storylines.
  4. Arlene: Definitely needs to be put back as a recurring character/supporting character with no direct storylines. I got the feeling after she took over Merlottes and with Terry's death that her character has come around full circle. She has got her closure. There is no need to put her in a supernatural storyline at all. Just let her be a manager of a restaurant and mother to her kids.
  5. Jason & Violet: I'm actually hoping that these two have a normal relationship that doesn't end with her dying or turning Jason. At first I was kind of weirded out that she was proclaiming her love for him all the sudden saying that they will be together forever. Set off the "crazy bitch" alarm. But it seemed to be working. She seems to care about him and his interests. Also, oddly enough, seems to be Jason's most normal relationship or only real one. Any chick who can blue ball Jason for 6 months and get him to stay has got some chops. Don't really want to see any drama only a normal relationship. It would be different for True Blood.
  6. Sam: I guess Sam would have a main storyline with being mayor, a soon-to-be father, shapeshifter, and I guess peace broker between the vampires and humans. I just hope nothing happens to his kid. Hate when kids get hurt. Don't really have anything else to say since it seemed like Sam was pretty settled in.
  7. Sookie & Violet: Will be interested if Sookie and Violet become friends or not. So hopefully that is touched upon. Would have been funny to see Sookie's dreams about Violet.
  8. Tara & Willa: I'm definitely interested in how this turned out. With Willa being Tara's aunt and both of them being abandoned by their makers. It will be an interesting relationship to see. Kind of hope that Willa makes it to the end.
  9. Bill: I'm hesitant to put any plot hopes on the "Big 3" but I do have one thing for Bill. It would be interesting if there was some fallout for the release of Bill's book. If any Sanguanista's came after him. That has potential. Not going to bother with anything else.

Not going to put any ideas out on the Big 3 other than the small one I did for Bill. Mostly because who knows how badly the writers are going to fuck this up. So I'll leave Eric, Sookie, and Bill mostly untouched. My main hope is that all the minor characters that keep on getting big storylines get tied up to leave more episode time for the main characters in the main storyline. Hopefully that will help Season 7 out.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. Let me know if you agree or disagree. Feel free to let me know what you hope will happen in Season 7.

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