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June 18, 2013
  • Nick Boone


    I need help with this because I have had a hard time understanding... How did Eric enter the Faerie Plane at the end of 6x08 to get to Warlow? I know he took a bite out of Adeline but biting her shouldn't have given Eric access to the Plane... Other people told me that Adeline probably helped him get there but in the finale Adeline didn't even know how to use her light. Any explanations?

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  • Nick Boone

    Was that really the last we saw of ERIC F[RICK]ING NORTHMAN?!!!!???

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  • Nick Boone

    OK... Don't get me wrong, I still love Lafayette but the way his character has been portrayed/written this season is somewhat odd.

    Ever since Tara was turned into a Vamp, Lafayette hasn't shared many scenes with her - when you think about it, she was the only story Lafayette could develop with. Alan Ball or whoever even said back in Season 2 that they kept Lafayette alive (as opposed to the books) to explore his relationship with Tara but this season he's been completely on his own. 

    As of now he's just been slotted into other characters stories pretty randomly - so far he's been involved in Sam's/Alcide's, Sookie's and now Arlene's... I don't know, it just seems odd for some reason. I like that he get's to interact with more people but now …

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  • Nick Boone


    July 16, 2013 by Nick Boone

    OK so after last nights episode, I've had it.

    Nora is one of my favourite newcomers to the show over the last 5 seasons yet this season she was only in episode 1 and has only popped up in one scene up to 6x05. After 6x04 when she got captured, I became worried that she will be killed off this season which is unfair because she barely had any screen-time. I will admit that it's annoying whenever she speaks because now all she talks about is the book of Lilith and Warlow, but like I said, that's only because she has little screen-time these days.

    Is anyone else annoyed that she hasn't appeared so often or worried that she will be killed off?

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