OK... Don't get me wrong, I still love Lafayette but the way his character has been portrayed/written this season is somewhat odd.

Ever since Tara was turned into a Vamp, Lafayette hasn't shared many scenes with her - when you think about it, she was the only story Lafayette could develop with. Alan Ball or whoever even said back in Season 2 that they kept Lafayette alive (as opposed to the books) to explore his relationship with Tara but this season he's been completely on his own. 

As of now he's just been slotted into other characters stories pretty randomly - so far he's been involved in Sam's/Alcide's, Sookie's and now Arlene's... I don't know, it just seems odd for some reason. I like that he get's to interact with more people but now I'd rather see him dead unless the writers give him a side-plot for himself.

Anyone agree that he needs his own plot?

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