I am falling behind on illustrating our new character articles and would like some help with finding images for them. The wiki needs the following characters. Please leave a comment when you have added some images to let others know they are done. Also don't forget to categorize your images with Category:Image (Character) by typing [[Category:Image (Character)]] on the upload form.

Uploading the image for the characters below should be super easy because I have set up the character pages so that the images are waiting to be put in place. All you need to do is click "250px" in the infobox at the top right of the article (it will be the second line under the character's name) and it will take you to the upload form with the filename already filled in.

I have set the character pages to default to the jpg format though so if you are uploading png or another format you will need to change the filename on the character page. If you are unsure how to do this let me know and I will talk you through it. We prefer stills rather than animations for the infobox. If you are unsure who someone is I have usually written some sort of description and the actor pages usually have a picture of the person playing the role.


  1. Male Paramedic

"In the Beginning"

  1. Nola Groom
  2. Nola Groom's Mother
  3. Cabbie
  4. Reverend Bickford
  5. Nurse Hastigan
  6. Trap

"Somebody That I Used to Know"

  1. Claudia Crane
  2. Sarah Compton-Harris
  3. Ryder
  4. Woman
  5. Sean

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"

  1. Tyrese
  2. Ray
  3. Joe Bob
  4. Sweetie Des Arts
  5. Claudija Crane
  6. Thea Andrews (character)

"Gone, Gone, Gone"

  1. Kannell
  2. Suzanne Rico (character)
  3. Cole
  4. Bobbie
  5. Chelsea
  6. Authority Guard Captain

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