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    Main page characters

    July 30, 2013 by Oyaya

    So I don't know who arranges the character pics on the main page I assume it’s an admin, But i have a little problem with the way their set , is it by popularity or main characters , if it is by main character , the order isn't right according to the credits  (which i don't mind it just irks me). what i do mind is having people that are not starring cast members there for example, Willa is under guest star status so why put her up there instead of i don't know.........Sarah Newline who is now the main villain of the season or Nicole Wright who is a starring cast members OR Holly who was a main character since season 4. Also since Nora is dead she shouldn't be up there either. again sorry if I come off a an obsessive lunatic but i do have a…

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  • Oyaya

    I would want Alexander the great to be my maker am not good on my history but he would be about 2,000? years old so he would be powerful and young since he died in his 30s so i would have a smart , young, hot and powerful maker and am sure he would have had a another progeny so i would have a big brother or sister .

    As for my progeny , I think I would wait at least 100 years to make one because I don't want my progeny/kid to be as strong as i am but for the sake of the blog lets say i choos one from this time, I think i would make .............Alison Mack i don't know why but her

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  • Oyaya

    It's Anna Paquin there i called it

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  • Oyaya

    AS the title says, yes cruelest vampire mommy is back in episode 5 of season 5 , now since she met the pointy wooden end of Sookie’s Rage in season three I assume that she’ll return in Flashbacks . But here’s what am wondering who’s flashback is it going to be most would think that it’s going to be Bill’s flashback but I beg to differ , we that episode five is also when Russell is coming back and the two shared a nest(mansion sized) in season three and she was willing to kill Bill(get it ) for Russell so maybe we’ll get a back story , maybe she’s the one who dug him up!, jk, maybe, who knows

    Also Kenya will be back yay

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  • Oyaya

    The premier episode of season five felt like a dream, so much like a dream that I swear to god I’ve had at least two dreams about this episode and especially Tara(and Pam). Now I know there’s a bunch of you who just wanted her to drop dead, me am not one of them she’s my favorite character because despite what other people say if to be a strong black female character the first on vampire television that I actually like and I want her to stay around for a while but after what they did to her I decided to make a pros and cons list of being a new born “f*cktarded “ Vampire.


    She’s now a vampire

    no human can mess with her.


    She now a member of a very

    Impressive vampire line going

    Back to Godric maybe that can afford

    Her protection with her new fo…

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