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Oyaya July 30, 2013 User blog:Oyaya

So I don't know who arranges the character pics on the main page I assume it’s an admin, But i have a little problem with the way their set , is it by popularity or main characters , if it is by main character , the order isn't right according to the credits  (which i don't mind it just irks me). what i do mind is having people that are not starring cast members there for example, Willa is under guest star status so why put her up there instead of i don't know.........Sarah Newline who is now the main villain of the season or Nicole Wright who is a starring cast members OR Holly who was a main character since season 4. Also since Nora is dead she shouldn't be up there either. again sorry if I come off a an obsessive lunatic but i do have a valid point, if any admin sees this please respond 

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