The premier episode of season five felt like a dream, so much like a dream that I swear to god I’ve had at least two dreams about this episode and especially Tara(and Pam). Now I know there’s a bunch of you who just wanted her to drop dead, me am not one of them she’s my favorite character because despite what other people say if to be a strong black female character the first on vampire television that I actually like and I want her to stay around for a while but after what they did to her I decided to make a pros and cons list of being a new born “f*cktarded “ Vampire.


She’s now a vampire

no human can mess with her.


She now a member of a very

Impressive vampire line going

Back to Godric maybe that can afford

Her protection with her new found



Every other vampire can since she’s

a day old.


Will Pam even care about her

look what happened to poor Colin

am what if she just uses Tara

against Sookie and then throws her

away when she’s done?


Also there’s that whole brain half

Half missing basically an animal situation.

You see the cons outweigh the pros and the pros are just maybes. I can only think of one thing that would help her , that’s spell from season 4 the one they were going to use on Eric to get his memory back , Lafayette obviously still has his magic or at least his demon he would be about to cast the spell I just hope the writers have enough sense to do that. What do you think?

P.S obviously Tao Luca or whoever Jesus’ weird grandfather’s name is ,is the one that took the body by magical means or otherwise

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