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  • QueenBuffy

    So I realized that blogs about the finale will be popping up everywhere, but since I have edited here for nearly the length of the series run, I figured I would say my peace. I am still left with a feeling of bewilderment and confusion, but will break down the final episode and my thoughts of True Blood the best I can.

    First, I would like to point out Bill Compton and his eternal martyr act. He tells Sookie that she would never be happy as long as he is around, that she needed a family, children, etc. What is with the misogynistic ideology all of a sudden? Women certainly don't need to be "barefoot and pregnant" in order to lead a fulfilling life. Who was Bill to tell Sookie how she'd be most happy anyway? And for Bill to assume Sookie woul…

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  • QueenBuffy

    HBO has confirmed that True Blood will not return after Season 7.

    I do hope Season 7 will bring some closure to all our beloved characters.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • QueenBuffy

    After only 10 episodes, Season 6 has ended. The finale brought several new plot twists and storylines that I am sure left most people hanging until Season 7.

    Alcide and Sookie?! I didn't see that coming.

    Sam is the mayor of Bon Temps?

    Eric on fire! Is he meeting the sun?

    Anti-climatic end for Warlow...

    Give us your thoughts!

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  • QueenBuffy

    So the rumor that Alexander Skarsgard is leaving True Blood after Season 6, continues to float around. Personally, I hate to think about this- but face it, maybe we should all brace ourselves for the worse.

    Recently when asked, Kristin Bauer van Straten said of Eric's departure: “It’s a fear of mine for a couple of reasons."
    “I love being around him,” she continued, holding back her emotions.

    So what do you think Trubies? Was Eric's flying away in Life Matters the end of Mr. Northman? Or maybe perhaps Eric will meet the True Death?

    I'm sure most fans don't approve of either scenario!

    Give us your feedback!

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  • QueenBuffy

    So I just finished watching episode "Don't You Feel Me" and I can honestly say I have NO idea what is going on and where the writers are going with this show.

    There has been so many odd character changes that it's left me puzzled.

    So Governor Burrell is already dead... that was, well... anti-climatic. Please don't tell me Sarah Newlin is now the "big bad" of the season.

    Why on earth did Sookie give in to Warlow so fast? That is SO unlike the Sookie we've known in the past seasons. It felt so strange and rushed- I seriously don't know what to make of it. Example: She JUST told Eric she wanted to be "that girl" she was when they had first met in Fangtasia. Eric gave Sookie back her house, to give her some kind of normalcy back. So to continue o…

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