Don't You Feel Me

So I just finished watching episode "Don't You Feel Me" and I can honestly say I have NO idea what is going on and where the writers are going with this show.

There has been so many odd character changes that it's left me puzzled.

So Governor Burrell is already dead... that was, well... anti-climatic. Please don't tell me Sarah Newlin is now the "big bad" of the season.

Why on earth did Sookie give in to Warlow so fast? That is SO unlike the Sookie we've known in the past seasons. It felt so strange and rushed- I seriously don't know what to make of it. Example: She JUST told Eric she wanted to be "that girl" she was when they had first met in Fangtasia. Eric gave Sookie back her house, to give her some kind of normalcy back. So to continue on that path, she now stripped naked, sucked the blood of Warlow and screwed him? lol

Terry's death was very predictable and also anti-climatic.

Just when I thought this season couldn't bomb any more, this episode had to happen.

What are your thoughts on the way this is all playing out?

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