Let's come together to come together to help EJ Scott who is the beloved boyfriend of Deborah Ann Woll. EJ has a rare eye disease called Choroideremia. This disease runs in his family and has already affected many of his loved ones. Choroideremia (CHM) is a rare inherited disorder that causes blindness due to degeneration of the choroid and retina.

In addition to CHM, EJ has a weight problem and is losing weight for charity. You can sponsor him and help him reach his goal of 60lbs. As an example, when he reaches his goal of 60lbs, a .50¢ per lb sponsorship will make your charitable contribution $30.00 You can read and track EJ progress on his blog site or his facebook page Facebook.

The donations can be made directly to The Choroideremia Research Foundation by Paypal or check.


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