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    I just saw this video and I have to say I am impressed! I just hope that wasn't Russell saying "Not my little Pam" toward the ending :( Your thoughts?

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    I was just thinking.. in Turn! Turn! Turn! Sookie and Lafayette notice Jesus' body is missing.

    Has this been explained yet? If so I must have missed it...and if not... where did it go?? lol

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    Love Pam???

    July 8, 2012 by QueenBuffy

    Then be sure to stop by the new Wik I have founded based ONLY about our beloved Pam!

    There is still lots of work to be done! But it will definitely be fun! Everything is ONLY about PAM, PAM, PAM! :)

    Look forward to seeing you!


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    Find it interesting to finally see The Authority?

    Do you think they take their politics a bit too extreme?

    And what about Jessica owning Steve Newlin?

    I thought the flashback between Eric and Pam was very interesting! I can't wait to see more!

    Also, rogue/tormented Tara is now on the loose?! What else could possibly go wrong?

    What else in this episode caught your eyes?

    Give us your ideas and thoughts!

    (P.S. Even though he looked disgusting, it was great seeing Russell again! ;)

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    What are your thoughts on the Season 5 premiere of True Blood, episode "Turn! Turn! Turn!"?

    Did you find vampire Steve Newlin funny and interesting?

    What did you think of Nora and Eric?

    Also, was that Eric being kind to Bill, saying he would not leave him?

    As we speculated, Pam made Tara into a vampire. Will she return "normal"?

    Give us your feedback and thoughts!

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