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  • RyderLova

    I read about an interview Rob Kazinsky that season finale is very dramatic with multiple deaths. To me, this is strange because we lost so many people so far. I just can't imagine who else we're going to lose. I wonder, who else is getting the axe.

    Personally, I feel like Jessica and Eric might be die from rumours. This is my reasoning for each character.

    Eric might die because Alexander Skarsgard could possibly want to branch out and do other big projects.

    Eric has been featured a lot less than usual. He is still central and crucial; however, no where to the level he was in Seasons 2-4. Even Five, these give me reason in believing he will get the axe. Although, the rumours could just be a tactic to throw us off. Quite possibly, there could a…

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  • RyderLova

    Okay. Let me Rant. I found this episode to be honest "ok"

    I found it be highly predictable. The way Billith realized he could use his blood to give them. Dr Overlark's and the psych's death. Eric leaving and Bill almost dying and being saved. 

    However, I absolutely loved the funeral. I found it refreshing how they dealt with it. The actor's really shined. I loved Carrie's and Chris's performances. They were so moving. Also, crying Sam always gets me bad. Overall, one of the most beautiful scenes in the series so far. 

    Questions for you guys

    Which character stood out for you the most?

    Which actor gave the best acting job?

    Is Violet the female Eric?

    What will happen to Sarah after Jason let her go?

    New Enemy...Who do you think it will be?

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  • RyderLova

    Violet's Age

    August 9, 2013 by RyderLova

    I couldn't get something out of my head. When Violet told Jason, about growing up Medieval Catholic. It spaked something. She quite possibly could be very old. Perhaps, she could be older than Eric. Because the Catholic Medieval revolution took place from 400 ad to 1499 ad. Making her at least 500 to at the most 1608 years old. I doubt she was made at the end and doubt she was made in the middle. But, would love to see her be 1000 years or around there. We need more older female vampires.

    What do you guys think?

    what would you think of Sookie becoming a Fairy-Vampire Hybrid?

    Which out of the non-main major characters do you think will get the ax?

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  • RyderLova

    What did everyone think abou the episode? 

    What was your favorite part?

    Which character stood out the most for you?

    Also, is there anything you except for next week's episode?

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