I read about an interview Rob Kazinsky that season finale is very dramatic with multiple deaths. To me, this is strange because we lost so many people so far. I just can't imagine who else we're going to lose. I wonder, who else is getting the axe.

Personally, I feel like Jessica and Eric might be die from rumours. This is my reasoning for each character.

Eric might die because Alexander Skarsgard could possibly want to branch out and do other big projects.

Eric has been featured a lot less than usual. He is still central and crucial; however, no where to the level he was in Seasons 2-4. Even Five, these give me reason in believing he will get the axe. Although, the rumours could just be a tactic to throw us off. Quite possibly, there could another one big that might be leaving; yet, they don't want us to believe it.

Jessica for another reason. Deborah Ann Woll has been involved with her long time boyfriend's eye disorder. She has stated in many interviews that family comes first. She could of decided she wanted to leave the show to focus on his conditions. A lot of stars do that when a loved one becomes really ill.

Jessica has been featured less and less each season. She has become now a recurring character. Even though, she is still classified as a main. She was brought in for the reason to show how a newborn vampire is like. However, they have tons now. IE, Tara, Steve (Ripx2), and Willa. So, it could lead to her time on the show to come to end. This season has shown Jessica's fate to be ambiguous. Many fans felt like she would of been killed after the Fairy Massacre. Jessica time to Ripx2 might come to ahead.

As noted, I did mention that she might die because of all the newborns. That being said...All newborns alive could die. Willa, Tara, and Jessia are all fair games. Willa because she is new and could of been just for the season. Tara because she isn't nearly as close to Sookie as she used to.

Part 2- Sam

I might get hate. But, here I rant. I feel as if Sam has been nonexistent. All of his storylines for me have been dull and boring. Like Sam Trammell can act. Yet, all the poo storylines aren't showcasing them. Like involving him with a charater is 23 is so horrible. Don't get me wrong. I love Nicole's character. Of being strong and confident. But, she is a decade younger than Sookie. He is in his late thirties on the show probably.

His storyline with Maryann the Maenad was intriguing at points, but dull. I didn't like how she was made up to be an extremely badass character. Yet, killed by Sam in the most stupidest way. I loved Maryann. She was a terrific Big Bad and very underrated. Everyone brushed her aside as if she wasn't anything. Her blood poisoned Vampires and was invulnerable. Her took her wanting to be killed to lead to her death. Also, Sam was her bitch throughout the whole thing. Reason One for improvement, Sam is weak. I would greatly appreciate it if they made Sam strong. Storyline with Nicole and the Werewolves.

I don't really get the whole Nicole Sam thing. Are they trying to bring life to his character. Just seems very random. Like you just lost your girlfriend like two days ago in True Blood time. Seriously? It baffles me. I love Nicole. Personally, I am a little bias because I remembered the actress from when I was young. But, back to the rant. He should be single and not get involved. To be noted, their chemistry is nice and electric. I have to give NicoSam that.

Werewolves. Really? I don't get it. Why does the shapeshifter have to be tangled in with the Werewolves. I get Luna his deceased lover had a daughter who was the daughter of the then Packmaster. But, really? After her death; he should of been like screw you guys, I am out. Deuces. Seems to me, like nonsensical drama. I get it is a supernatural horror drama. But, I am like what is the point?! Like, are you gonna die soon? Are you gonna morph into a magical unicorn? Or what?

Don't get me wrong, I do like Sam but he needs some major characterization customizations and storyline edits. Because, this stuff they are putting him into are not needed.

Sorry guys for this long rant. So tell me, Who do you think out of my mentioned people might die. And Why? Who don't you wanna see die? How do you see the season finale? What do you think of Sam? What are some improvements you would do to this character?

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