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August 2, 2013
  • Sebastian.bermudez.14

    I FEEL this finale was quite strange but it had it moments, its been quite a ride this past 7  years for all of us. Hooked up to thissouther vampire show, filled with perhaps too much blood and sex scene like people had never seen before.

    For me i feel this show meant a lot, even though my family says it just pure glorified gore porn hehe, It showed me in his unique way that shit happens, shit happens to good and bad people and shit happenss over and over and over again, withouth no aparent explanation, and all you can do is move one and  keep going.

    Personally i felt related in so many parts of the show and it helped grow a bit like...

    Having your bestfriend sleeps with the person you have a long relationship with or like-- Been there and it…

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  • Sebastian.bermudez.14

    Ok so i wanted someone to clear me up on some doubts regarding vampire biology.

    Jason once asked Eddie how come he was in that phisical shape because he thought every vampire was fit, which always got me wondering, what happens if a fat man becomes a vampire, does this affect his speed, strenght or anything else, and what if a skinny men became a vampire, could he by working out or trainning become bigger, or is he doomed to bear the same body type as how he was turned.

    Also what about vampire childs, we havent seen one yet other than that Authority Member, but i wonder how strong could that kid had been, he was older than bill at least, does that mean he could overpower him? 

    Also if vampire have healing abilities what if you cut someone ha…

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  • Sebastian.bermudez.14

    Ok, so something quite crazy and unusual happened this morning, im not sure if i was the only one who saw it but i want to put this out there just in case.

    I was looking at the Promo for Episode 6 Karma on youtube and i went down to look at the comments when i saw a thread of over 200 comments, in less then 10 minutes, it was about a guy thats a crew member on true blood, supposely in the writing or post producction part, he didnt said, was telling major plot detailed right on the open, he even answer questions about character and show details, he sais he was spilling it all out there beacuse he didnt like the enmd of the show and he wanted to know if everybody felt the same way, he posted this under a new youtube account with 0 activity ot…

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  • Sebastian.bermudez.14

    Ok, so let me start by saying i love True Blood since Season 1, freaking 7 years ago, thats a pretty long time, being that said im so dissapointed at this season, i mean it feels like im watching the last season of Buffy where all the writers run out of ideas, i mean the reason why tb was so good was beacuse you had all this world that nobody knew and it was fun exploring it tru the mistique of the show, once lilith and the tru origin of vampire was know there wasnt much left to explain to the viewers, and now it just feels sloppy, and from a amateur writer point of view, its a major fail for this season, 

    1.Tara Dies, Anticlimatic way, (You lost the opportunity to show the audience a great tv moment by showing the last minutes of Taras Tru…

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  • Sebastian.bermudez.14

    Ok, Ok OK, I have a major Question, its Sookie really that stupid not to suspect anything from Warlow, i mean how come she became a fang lover so much, she can forget about:

    1. Warlow scared her to death in the bathroom, saying "you are mine", that doesn say i love you too much.

    2. Warlow killed and ate all the fairy friends she had in the Fairy Bar, 

    3. He sucked Nial and trow him to the Dark Plane.

    I mean dont get me wrong i love True Blood, from Season 1, but sometimes its like the character are either stupid or the stories never get connected, i mean i was really surprised to see that Sookie found out about Terrys Death, i thought she wasnt gonna realized untill like the end fo the season, i mean i understand the shows timeline its contin…

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