Ok, Ok OK, I have a major Question, its Sookie really that stupid not to suspect anything from Warlow, i mean how come she became a fang lover so much, she can forget about:

1. Warlow scared her to death in the bathroom, saying "you are mine", that doesn say i love you too much.

2. Warlow killed and ate all the fairy friends she had in the Fairy Bar, 

3. He sucked Nial and trow him to the Dark Plane.

I mean dont get me wrong i love True Blood, from Season 1, but sometimes its like the character are either stupid or the stories never get connected, i mean i was really surprised to see that Sookie found out about Terrys Death, i thought she wasnt gonna realized untill like the end fo the season, i mean i understand the shows timeline its continuos but, thats kind of off putting to the viewer who doesnt understand how the characters can go tru so much in so little time. 

I sincerely hope sookie goes back to the old self and, sent freaking Warlow tooo I dont know maybe Queens Mab realm hehehe, That would be pretty fun to watch ( And im sure FleurDeLaCour Wiki Editor would be pleased)

By the way, Am i the only one who thinks the show needs to be more misterious, i mean its like we now everything about supernatural world that nothing can surprise us like back in Season 2 when we said Maenad What???? 

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