Ok, so let me start by saying i love True Blood since Season 1, freaking 7 years ago, thats a pretty long time, being that said im so dissapointed at this season, i mean it feels like im watching the last season of Buffy where all the writers run out of ideas, i mean the reason why tb was so good was beacuse you had all this world that nobody knew and it was fun exploring it tru the mistique of the show, once lilith and the tru origin of vampire was know there wasnt much left to explain to the viewers, and now it just feels sloppy, and from a amateur writer point of view, its a major fail for this season, 

1.Tara Dies, Anticlimatic way, (You lost the opportunity to show the audience a great tv moment by showing the last minutes of Taras True death, and possibly the look on Pam face when she feels Tara Dies,(WTF was that about)

2. Vampires infected by HEPV, what the hell is that, and how come Hep affect vampires? i nver heard that in the show, and how comes its not killing them as fast as it kill nora

3.Alcide Dies... Ok thats actualy a plus, i freaking hated that guy, it seemed his entire character was based on his muscle and good looks, By the way you wanna know why Sookie didnt fully love him?? Because deep down she knows she is like everyone in Bon Temps said... wait for it... a DANGER WHORE. so of course she didnt like Alcide Hunky lovely side.

4.Sylvie, Wait what, so Flanagan sent to kill one of Eric Big Lovers, and yet noone even mentioned on the previos seasons? and come on That french pussy wasnt even good anyways...

5.Maxine Dies. Well i guess noone saw that shit coming right?? heheheh One question did anyone find it amusing how Jessica didnt even react whe she saw her exmother in law dead with her heart out. By the way does that mean Hoyt is coming back to her Funeral_?? hehehe

6.Final Thoughts. Ok so by know you are probably thinking this guy really has a love/hate realtionship with tB, and well i do. What trubie hasnt watch every episode in his/her livingroom while changing channel whenever there is a good sex/violence scene so your mom or niece doesnt see it hehe.

So i want this show to end good with a bang not this wild,bloody mess that looks like Fangtasia Duangeon, So lets hope to see.

Spoiler: Sam wife who i dont remember her name, (i guess that shows how much she means to me), will die just after she lost her baby, so SAM can go and fall inlove the day after like  nothing happened just like that time Luna died.

Peace Out HOOKAs

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