I FEEL this finale was quite strange but it had it moments, its been quite a ride this past 7  years for all of us. Hooked up to thissouther vampire show, filled with perhaps too much blood and sex scene like people had never seen before.

For me i feel this show meant a lot, even though my family says it just pure glorified gore porn hehe, It showed me in his unique way that shit happens, shit happens to good and bad people and shit happenss over and over and over again, withouth no aparent explanation, and all you can do is move one and  keep going.

Personally i felt related in so many parts of the show and it helped grow a bit like...

Having your bestfriend sleeps with the person you have a long relationship with or like-- Been there and it was just as shitty for me as it was for Hoyt

Questioning wether who you are is a blessing or a curse and if you should accept it or change it.

And that sometimes its okey to let go and let the animal inside you guide you through

Regarding the Season Finale, well it was a bit dissapointing, It seemed everything was heading for Bill becoming human but at the end it didnt.

I do wonder how crazy would have been  if ludwig had call sookie right after killing bill to tell her that when hep v vampires get infected from a fae, they just become human that dont die, and she should have just waited jeje, that would have been a total. IN YOUR FACE SOOKIE

But in general it was good, i mean Tb had ended a long time ago, they just kept it goig, and now well it seemes a good way to keep sookie with another men, while everybody tries to keep up with their live just like they should.

So its been great and i hope TB live forever in your hearts. i know it would in mine.

True Blood... Since now  i renounce the ties of our blood and as your maker i release you.. i hope you do the same  

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