Ok, so something quite crazy and unusual happened this morning, im not sure if i was the only one who saw it but i want to put this out there just in case.

I was looking at the Promo for Episode 6 Karma on youtube and i went down to look at the comments when i saw a thread of over 200 comments, in less then 10 minutes, it was about a guy thats a crew member on true blood, supposely in the writing or post producction part, he didnt said, was telling major plot detailed right on the open, he even answer questions about character and show details, he sais he was spilling it all out there beacuse he didnt like the enmd of the show and he wanted to know if everybody felt the same way, he posted this under a new youtube account with 0 activity other than this. and he said he was gonna delete the thread very soon, which HE DID... when i went back to read it again, it was gone, he said beacuse he didnt wanted to get legal issues or anyone knowing who he was, now i want to write the little i remember he said, because it was so long i couldnt read it completely.

Now why did prophecies are important??, well because if is true, OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS. 

Ok so here it goes.

1. Eric Dies from Hep V, shortly after he kills Sara Nweling and Takes Revenge, just before a candid scene with Pam - The guy said it was a heartbreaking scene for all the cast and that the tears would have been real if it wasnt for the blood special effects.

2. Lettie Mea turns out was right about Tara being trapped in Limbo, turns out V makes human more aware of the supernatural and the Spirit World, and Turns Out Tara is really crying for help, for which Lafayette is gonna have to summon Tara so she can say good bye and leave in Peace. Sidenote: The Guy said the scenes with rutin and the Snake were funny because the snake kept licking Ruty FACE and she was afraid of Snakes

3. Bill V, ok so this one is quite crazy but knowing TB might be true. Turns out Bill got Hep V from Sookie, i dont remember how, the guy said it was something about Sookie getting infected before due to exposure to V infected Blood, Now Bill Hep because he got it from Sookie the Fairy, the Virus mutated in a strange way and it makes it evolve faster than usual but at the end the Fairy blood manages to make something amazing and makes Bill Human, Yeah i said it yall HUMAN, and thats the reasong why they keep forcing on the Bill humans live flashback.

  • Curious Note: Sam Trammel used to do imitations of all the characters and it was really funny he said, and DENNIS Ohare was a perfectionist which made the cast and the directors quite upset becase he kept repeating the shots over and over again - Also Charlain Harris Cameo in the Final Episode

Ok so that the only thing i remember, i wish i had saved the page or done anything but well.

I need to know your Comments ASAP yall, like for now, because im saying this guy is legit, he know way to many detail to be making this shit up, and im telling the things i read people kept asking him about the actors it all seem very real, again i wsih i had saved it somehow.


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