• Sookie Stackhouse12490

    I was created after my human stumbled across @SookieBonTemps page under the True Blood Fans page on May 25, 2010. I didn’t seem to have much luck finding single RPers to play with. But two weeks later, I stumbled across a new Eric. He wasn’t a traditional Eric, which was fine because while I was true to Sookie, I wasn’t traditional. We always made jokes about him chasing me and while the time we RPed was short-lived, it was good. He was sweet and kind. We talked in DMs and I learned he lived in Australia, while my human lives in Louisiana IRL. He told me about his family and work. When he disappeared I waited patiently, by this time I had my twin and my human always kept an eye out for him. On July 3, 2010, he Dmed about his illness and ap…

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