I work graveyard in a hotel, it can get boring, fighting back sleep is difficult at best. One night while surfing the usual crap on the office tv, I came across the most intriguing show. The night my mind was introduced to Sookie, Bill, Lafayette & all the others was the night my "life" was transformed. I fiend for every episode, my heart aches when the season finale aires. I introduced my husband to True Blood, & he was soon hooked, calling my cell phone for updates. True Blood is in our very to speak, I have cried when Sookie has cried, laughed when Bill has laughed, & listened with great interest to Lafayette's words of wisdom. He is a colorful & insightful character. I have watched over and over agian each and every episode from both seasons, give in I have 2 drive an hour just 2 rent the season dvds from our nearest Hastings. But DAMN if it isn't worth it. I lose myself watching True Blood......I have been counting down the days to the new season of True Blood. Each minute is sheer pain, almost like my blood has been drained from my body!!!! To win this contest would be the blood in my glass! BITE ME! & give me my TRUE BLOOD party!!!!!!

Starry eyes1972 07:29, May 23, 2010 (UTC)Angela JStarry eyes1972 07:29, May 23, 2010 (UTC)

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