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  • Stumblingstones

    The finale of True Blood season 6 left us with a burning question: Is Eric Northman dead? 

    I want to believe he is alive, but I am really conflicted having to choose between love, logic, or the mind of a screenwriter. 


    Admit it. We all love Eric Northman. Despite his issues, he really is quite the character. I don't believe that we would accept his death. 

    He has been the life of the show since his first appearance at Fangtasia. 

    Riots would break out if he died. 


    After he started to burn in the sun, the show flashed forward 6 months or so. Eric was not present.

    Why wouldn't he return? Because he is dead.

    Mind of a Screenwriter:

    Make the suspense eat away at the audience. 

    Make it seem as if he is dead, but then bring him back.

    It has b…

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  • Stumblingstones

    Will True Blood survive this season, and be renewed for a seventh season? Or will True Blood meet the True Death?

    This sixth season has been reduced to 10 episodes for spending cuts, and lack of addition to Anna Paquin's pregnancy.

    Ratings and viewers have been going down, sadly. Is it because of other TV shows which are becoming more successful than True Blood, perhaps HBO's Game of Thrones that is grabbing away our Truebies?

    On my part, I am doing everything I can to keep True Blood going. I try to catch it on TV every Sunday, and subscribe to HBO on my computer. I also try to spread the word about True Blood, and I own some merchandise, but I'm not obsessive. Don't get me wrong, I love True Blood! My love extends only so far, so don't…

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  • Stumblingstones

    What happens now that Ben Flynn is the all powerful Warlow? What does this mean for Sookie's love life? 

    There has been talk of a major character being killed off within this season. Most of us have people we DON'T want to die, but we all really have no clue who will die. From what we have seen from Bill's vision of the future, Eric, Tara, Pam, Jessica, and others, are destined to burn in the vampire concentration camp. Not all of them can die! Especially our precious Eric Northman, not him! 

    In a recently released clip of S6 ep.5, Ben/Warlow claims to love her, and to have dreamed only of her, and that is is their destiny to be together. Woah there, they have only known each other for a couple of d…

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  • Stumblingstones

    The question we are all dying to know the answer- Who will Sookie end up with? 

    Let's start way back at the beginnning, shall we?

    Sam Merlotte- We all know that Sam had a huge crush on Sookie back in season one. He is considerably good-looking (though he is no Eric), decent, reliable, kind, and caring, etc. Basically, he is a good guy. However, Sookie didn't return his feelings, and remained friends. Sookie has a thing for danger and bad-boys, which is why she went for the vampire instead of him. In the Sookie Stackhouse novels, Charlaine Harris announced that Sookie would end up with Sam in the last book, so because of that, I think that the TV series will be different. 

    Bill Compton- Bill was Sookie's first love. He was the good vampire that car…

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  • Stumblingstones

    Not a surprise is it? Ben Flynn- the handsome, kind, faerie, turns out to be the vampire that killed Sookie's parents. Still, I have high hopes for this pair. 

    Sookie has always had the bad luck when it comes to the people she loves. I think the story is twisted, and Ben/Warlow is not who she thinks he is. Maybe he had a reason for killing her parents. There is probably pieces missing from the story. 

    Still, he is hot right? 

    Since he is a faerie/vampire hybrid I predict that by the season finale Sookie will be turned into a vampire as well. Or at least they will hook up for real. 

    Ben seems to genuinely care for Sookie, despite what she thinks of Warlow. He saved Sookie's brother with his blood (which by the way, gave him an interesting dream…

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