Will True Blood survive this season, and be renewed for a seventh season? Or will True Blood meet the True Death?

This sixth season has been reduced to 10 episodes for spending cuts, and lack of addition to Anna Paquin's pregnancy.

Ratings and viewers have been going down, sadly. Is it because of other TV shows which are becoming more successful than True Blood, perhaps HBO's Game of Thrones that is grabbing away our Truebies?

On my part, I am doing everything I can to keep True Blood going. I try to catch it on TV every Sunday, and subscribe to HBO on my computer. I also try to spread the word about True Blood, and I own some merchandise, but I'm not obsessive. Don't get me wrong, I love True Blood! My love extends only so far, so don't think of me as an obsessive Truebie. Just a little bit...but aren't we all? 

Anyways, I believe that True Blood is the best vampire tv show of all time. Also, that it beats Twilight in every single way. And to those who believe True Blood copied Twilight, you have your timeline wrong. The Southern Vampire Mysteries (or Sookie Stackhouse Novels) were first published in 2001, whereas Twilight's first book was published in 2005. You could say that Twilight copied The Southern Vampire Mysteries: a strong, hot, book series, with a female lead who isn't an empty shell, with more complex, layered characters than your average Bella. Sorry if you actually liked Twilight- it's nothing personal. 

I really want True Blood to be renewed for another season because there simply isn't enough time. Not enough time to answer all the questions that bubble in our minds. Not enough time to continue a Sookie romance, and end it happily. There isn't enough time to finish this great series, especially not now, with all these separate stories True Blood is hosting: Sookie and Warlow, to Jason, to Sam and the Werewolves, to Bill and Jessica, to Eric and Pam....the stories have gone their separate ways long enough, and I have a feeling they're going to conjoin soon. 

There is talk about a cancellation. Money-wise, it could be cancelled, but Story-wise, no way in hell it just ends like this. True Blood is at it's peak, and it isn't going to fall anytime soon. 

Stumblingstones (talk) 22:59, July 13, 2013 (UTC)Angelica 

Theories in Comments?

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