The finale of True Blood season 6 left us with a burning question: Is Eric Northman dead? 

I want to believe he is alive, but I am really conflicted having to choose between love, logic, or the mind of a screenwriter. 


Admit it. We all love Eric Northman. Despite his issues, he really is quite the character. I don't believe that we would accept his death. 

He has been the life of the show since his first appearance at Fangtasia. 

Riots would break out if he died. 


After he started to burn in the sun, the show flashed forward 6 months or so. Eric was not present.

Why wouldn't he return? Because he is dead.

Mind of a Screenwriter:

Make the suspense eat away at the audience. 

Make it seem as if he is dead, but then bring him back.

It has been confirmed that he will be alive! Thank the heavens!

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