Not a surprise is it? Ben Flynn- the handsome, kind, faerie, turns out to be the vampire that killed Sookie's parents. Still, I have high hopes for this pair. 

Sookie has always had the bad luck when it comes to the people she loves. I think the story is twisted, and Ben/Warlow is not who she thinks he is. Maybe he had a reason for killing her parents. There is probably pieces missing from the story. 

Still, he is hot right? 

Since he is a faerie/vampire hybrid I predict that by the season finale Sookie will be turned into a vampire as well. Or at least they will hook up for real. 

Ben seems to genuinely care for Sookie, despite what she thinks of Warlow. He saved Sookie's brother with his blood (which by the way, gave him an interesting dream). He could've let him die, but for Sookie's sake, Ben/Warlow saved him. If he really was just a cold-blooded killer, he wouldn't have saved him. 

Now that brings us to the faerie club. Ben/Warlow massacred every fairy present, even Claude. Such a shame, I was really hoping for more of Claude in season 6. What happened then?

And as for the whole "You are mine" thing. First it started with Bill, then to Eric...and here is Ben, or Warlow. Does Sookie actually belong to him? What did that agreement mean? 

I strived for Eric Northman since the first time Sookie walked into Fangtasia, but now Eric has some serious competition. I am pretty sure Bill, Alcide, and Sam are completely out of the picture (well, for now at least). It feels like Eric is giving up or letting go in a way, like they all have. Eric better NOT hook up with Willa or I swear....

I heard rumors of a Ben/Warlow vs Bilith. Also that a major character dies in season 6. Perhaps around episode 12 or so. Will the fight be over Sookie, or Warlow vs Liltih fight to the death kind of thing? I hope Ben/Warlow doesn't die because he is just getting started! I'm pretty tired of Bill/Lilith or whatever now. BYE BYE BILL! 

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