What happens now that Ben Flynn is the all powerful Warlow? What does this mean for Sookie's love life? 

There has been talk of a major character being killed off within this season. Most of us have people we DON'T want to die, but we all really have no clue who will die. From what we have seen from Bill's vision of the future, Eric, Tara, Pam, Jessica, and others, are destined to burn in the vampire concentration camp. Not all of them can die! Especially our precious Eric Northman, not him! 

In a recently released clip of S6 ep.5, Ben/Warlow claims to love her, and to have dreamed only of her, and that is is their destiny to be together. Woah there, they have only known each other for a couple of days! Well, Warlow seems to think differently. After Warlow confesses his love for her, Sookie calls him a psycho. Also, she asks if he loves her so much, why did he kill her parents? Good question Sookie. Why did Warlow kill her parents?

Regarding the psycho comment, he kind of is a psycho at this point. If you think (or read, whatever) between the lines, isn't a contract that Sookie belongs to him a little much? I mean, if he really loved her for Sookie Stackhouse, how could he just get any fae-female from her family? Sadly, I think he just loved her because she has royal faerie blood. I hope he gets to love her for her personality though. 

Supposedly, Warlow is the only one who can kill Lilith...or Bilith?!?! Two of Sookie's lovers face off for a fight to the death....True Death. 

But what if Warlow is best for Sookie? Do you think she will really fall for him? He is the only one who can really protect her anyway. I'm uncertain if the writers and producers will take the risk of turning her into a vampire faerie, but I can really see it happening. 

Tell me your theories in the comments. 

Thx for reading! 

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