The question we are all dying to know the answer- Who will Sookie end up with? 

Let's start way back at the beginnning, shall we?

SamSeason 6 Crop
Sam Merlotte- 
We all know that Sam had a huge crush on Sookie back in season one. He is considerably good-looking (though he is no Eric), decent, reliable, kind, and caring, etc. Basically, he is a good guy. However, Sookie didn't return his feelings, and remained friends. Sookie has a thing for danger and bad-boys, which is why she went for the vampire instead of him. In the Sookie Stackhouse novels, Charlaine Harris announced that Sookie would end up with Sam in the last book, so because of that, I think that the TV series will be different. 

Who are you bill
Bill Compton- 
Bill was Sookie's first love. He was the good vampire that cared for her no matter what, and saved her in every situation, and was just...there. Sookie undeniably cared for him up until season 6. Now you can tell it is really over between them. "You are dead to me Sookie Stackhouse" Bilith says. "I'm fine with that" Sookie replies, holding back tears of rage after he wanted to take her blood by force. Bill still carries that caring trait towards Jessica, who is like a daughter to him, but he has become heartless and cold. I am really doubting any future romance between them. 

Alcide- He was caring, tough, and well-grounded with humanity, and sincerely cared for Sookie. They almost had a one-night stand, if it weren't for Bill and Eric's interference. They really had something going there. He would've been a great mivture of danger, badass supernatural, with a sense of actual security, and she could've had an actual future with him if it wasn't for Eric. Eric made him forget about the night they made-out and almost did the deed, and made him think that Sookie was disgusting. After that, he didn't go back to Sookie, and got tied up in another mess with Rikki. 
S05E04 Sookie and Alcide

Eric Northman- He is a dark, seductive, hot, vampire with a cold and cruel personality. Though he seems bad, he can be quite gentle and caring, but he has done so much in the past he can't undo. However, when he lost his memory, he turned totally gentle, kind, sweet, innocent and caring, thus resulting in another Sookie romance. Sadly, when he got his memory back, Sookie rejected him AND Bill. It was apparent that since that time, Eric really did love and care for her...even now. Their paths have separated for now, but I would like to see how things turn out. I am really hoping they end up together again somehow, even though it isn't likely. 
Eric and Sookie

Sookie and Eric after making love

Ben Flynn/Warlow- He would be the perfect guy for Sookie. A mixture of everything she wants and needs. He is vampire (which she obviously loves), and faerie, which means someone like her. Also, he is very powerful and can protect her. He is super hot and has a good side. There was also an instant connection, and attraction. Ben obviously has real feelings for her, and genuinely cares, but right now there are too many unanswered questions. 


Write your theories in the comments! Also, do you think there will be another season?

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