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Million year old vampire(s)

TGK666 April 9, 2014 User blog:TGK666

We know that age plays a MAJOR factor in determining a vampire's power level. Even a few years of greater age can make all the difference in a fight between 2 vampires.

Then there is the thing about ancient vampires like Lilith(8000+ years old) and Warlow(5500+ years old), who are immune to staking and silver respectively. And both can enter the home of the living without an invitation. I am willing to bet age has something to do with this as well. Not to mentiont that Lilith is impervious to fire as well and has additional powers we've never seen a vampire possess like telekinesis and precognition.

So imagine a hypothetical scenario where a vampire's age is magically increased to let's say a 1,000,000 years.

How powerful do you think such a vampire would be from a theoretical point of view? Would it be powerful enough to compete with someone like Superman who can crush mountains and resist planet-terraforming gravitational beam? Would it have telekinetic powers to on par with an Archangel from Supernatural?WOuld it be able to glamour an entire population in a single go?


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