In the episode Don't You Feel Me, Eric was locked up in a steel cage from which he was unable to escape despite struggling earnestly. He was eventually freed by the guard whom Willa glamoured.

However, in the previews for the latest episodes, Eric is shown to be able to easily crush that steel cage by hurling some sort of large object at it. 

Eric crushes cage

Warlow-amped Eric crushes cage

Does this imply that Warlow's blood not only made him immune to the sun, but also vastly augmented his physical strength? Does this mean that faempire blood can amp up regular vampires in ways that ordinary faerie or halfling blood can't? Or is this seeming boost in power simply the result of Eric draining almost all of Warlow's blood? And if that is the case, would that put him on the same level power-wise as Bilith?


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