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Warlow the Timebomb

TGK666 August 18, 2013 User blog:TGK666

Rob Kazinsky gave yet another indication that Warlow is going to lose it, and let go off his monstrous vampire side in the final episode:

“This guy’s a timebomb if he goes off. It’s not just scary, it’s cataclysmic,” Kazinsky told the Herald last week. “He’s an incredibly powerful vampire, and as a fae, he throws fireballs. He can take what he wants, but he’s trying his best to be understanding, to be a good guy, to make her love him of her own free will. She has a choice, and he’s given her that.” 

“He’s an addict. He can’t fight his nature and he can’t fight his natural cravings. Unlike a junkie, he doesn’t just have a relapse, he has a bloodbath. It’s not just one person, he has to drink 10, and he can’t control that side of him.”

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