So, in the latest promo for the Season 6 finale , Jason is shown carrying an unconsious Sookie back in her house.

There are also scenes where Jason, Bill(whom I believe will no longer have his Lilith-powers, because the synopsis mentions something about him paying a cost for salvation, and what better cost than losing Lilith's godlike powers) and Violet interract with Andy and Adilyn. In that scene, Violet(predictably) almost loses control when she gets a whiff of Adilyn's scent. I believe that this scene indicates that Jason will convince Andy to let bygones be bygones, and allow Bill and Violet to drink from Adilyn in order to enable them to enter the fae realm to rescue Sookie.

The reason why Sookie would need to be rescued is this: I think that Terry's funeral will cause her to have last minute doubts about how precious life is, and she will turn down Warlow's proposal. Warlow will be none to pleased about being rejected at the last minute, and there comes the "baby-like temper tantrum" that Kazinsky mentioned in a comic-con interview.

Viola', and we finally get to see the darker side of Warlow. This can be a great moment for TB writers to demonstrate what Warlow is capable of. I hope they don't fuck this up.

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