Did Tara meet the True Death?

Sacrificing herself to save Sookie, Tara leaped into action -- and the path of an oncoming bullet -- to stop Debbie from meeting her ends. The bullet, from what we have seen, penetrated the back of Tara's head, causing a large amount of blood loss, and potentially brain damage. The extent of the damage is as of yet unclear. But can she be saved?

How and why Tara can return:

  1. Tara's head, and a large portion, if not all, of her brain was left intact after getting shot.
  2. Eric and Bill had both just recently taken in a large sum of Sookie's blood. Due to this, they will absolutely be able to feel Sookie's distress and will come to her. They will be able to give Tara as much V as needs to return to a perfectly healthy condition.
  3. V, or Vampire Blood, has been shown to revive humans from the most grievous states of being, even those who would have otherwise died moments later.
  4. If this does not occur, Lafayette is right upstairs. He has been shown to using healing magic before. While possessed by Tio Luca, he healed Jesus of his Rattlesnake Bite.
  5. Even without Tio Luca, Lafayette recently recieved all of Jesus's Brujo magic, and took it within his body. He should have more than enough power to save Tara.
  6. If none of the above options are pliable, Sookie may discover that her Faerie powers can allow her to heal, or that the light of her Photokinetic abilities possess healing properties. This power has been shown to produce various effects, including breaking illusions and diffusing the effects of spells, it may be able to save Tara as well.
  7. This death was left on a cliffhanger, meaning the results are left not only unclear, but open to several possibilities of return. This death is and will continue to remain unfinal until the premier of season 5.
  8. What do you all think?

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