I watched an awesome promo, here it is: for the remaining 6 episodes, im like, WTF!, we already halfway through! It just seemed like it started back up! But anyways if you guys know of any actual spoilers from comic con, If so, list them in the comment section please and thank you

I found the spoilers!-

There will be more flashbacks of the Stackhouse parents, Ball promised. “Were going to learn more about what happened to them and the affects on Sookie and Jason.”

Moderator asks if there are going to be any more good sex scenes. Manganiello said, “I sexually eviscerate one the cast members in an episode coming up.” Skarsgard says, “it’s me.” Ball confirms that there are “definitely some hot sex scenes,” coming up, “and all tastes will be satisfied.”

A fan asks if we’ll see a weretiger. Says Ball, “As of now, there are no plans for that, but I am stepping back from running the show and they may chose otherwise.”

Ball promises a fan that we will see three new romances this season.

A fan asks whether we’ll see a faerie war in the series. “We have at least one, possibly two more seasons, um possibly three for all I know of the show going forward. I would say there probably is a chance of that,”

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