A little out of date, but feel free to express your opinions

My Opinion

Fav. Character-Russell Edgington

Fav. New Character-M. Warlow

Fav. Episode-Save Yourself

Fav. Moment-Liliths debut

MVP Character of the Season-Bill Compton

Fav. New species-Ifrit

Fav. new human-the anti supe group

Fav. Kill-Sam killing Rosalyn

Scariest Character-TIE(M. Warlow/Bill Compton)

Favorite Couple-Undecided

Favorite Vampire-Four way tie(Bill, Russell, Lilith, Warlow)

Favorite Fight scene-The Authority vs Anti Authority

Most emotional moment-Killing off Roman, just because he was the only one keeping the vampires from devouring the humans

Most romantic moment-Undecided

Sexiest Moment-Naked Salome, thats all Im gonna say

Scariest Moment-Bill rising from the blood and his beastly growl

Sexiest Male-Undecided

Sexiest Female-TIE(Salome, Jessica)

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