Okay, Im doing this just for fun and just to hype up the new season coming up soon, but there will be a huge war coming, team Roman/Tru Blood/Authority/Mainsteaming vs Team Russell/True Blood/Anti Authority/Anti Mainstreaming. So by seasons end who do you think will win?

Roman(Leader), Kibwe, Alexander, Rosalyn, Dieter, Hayes, Eric, Bill, Nora, Salome, Pam, Jessica


Russell(Leader), Steve(Preumably)

I dont know where the vampires we've seen like isabel and some of the new vampires coming this season stand, but it looks like russell is in trouble, so we will see if a near 3000 year old vampire can take on the authority with the help of bill, eric, jessica and pam. But by the end of the season, will the vampires still be drinking the tru blood or the true blood?

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